String of Pearls honors those who preserve land “forever” in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed — portions of MD, PA, VA, WVA, NY, DE, and entire Washington D.C.  Land Owners donating “conservation easements” restricts their land from being developed.  These “pearls” remain in their natural state.  Written in the deed, these restrictions stay with the land no matter if land owners change.  Local land trusts nominate land owners who have created pearls for String of Pearls to honor.

String of Pearls and local land trusts join to have celebrations of land owners!  The highlight is the signing of the Register of Pearls of Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  The Register is a way for land owners to leave a legacy in name for their contributions.  The Register is on permanent public display at the Circuit Courthouse on Church Circle in Annapolis, MD.  This display may travel to other locations in the Watershed.

Why We Do It

String of Pearls, like other conservation organizations, works to preserve the natural system.   Biodiversity necessary to sustain everything requires natural habitat to do its work.  The landscape must balance that with land use needed for human activities.  The balance point is unknown.  As a voice for preservation, String of Pearls honors those who have preserved land, hoping they lead by example and others, similarly inclined and with land to preserve, join in!  The goal of the project is to have pearls everywhere in the Watershed.  Enough pearls, with connecting “strings” or natural corridors for wildlife, to hold the landscape together. This will protect the Bay and benefit the public.